About KS Goalkeeper Academy

Elevating Goalkeeper Excellence

At PRO GK ACADEMY FL, our vision is to shape exceptional goalkeepers and well-rounded individuals who embody excellence in every aspect of their lives. Rooted in our unique approach, the 5x Corner Model, we ensure comprehensive development across physical, technical, tactical, psychological, and social dimensions.

Our Story

It all began with a dream nearly eight years ago.

After concluding my professional goalkeeper career, I envisioned providing tools to aspiring goalkeepers to reach higher levels of play while fostering elite and competitive individuals.

With experience in top-tier competitions like the first division in Venezuela and professional leagues in the US, as well as representing my country in prestigious tournaments such as the U20 World Cup, I understand the dedication and skill required to succeed at the highest levels.

Our Mission

Giving back is at the core of our academy. Goalkeeper preparation isn’t just a passion or obsession; it’s a life mission. We take pride in shaping the next generation of goalkeepers and providing them with the guidance and support they need to excel. 

Our academy is more than a training ground; it’s a family dedicated to growth and success at all levels, from our youth development program to our professional goalkeepers.


What Sets Us Apart

Membership in the 1% Club is a testament to the highest standards of excellence and professionalism upheld by PRO GK ACADEMY FL. It is an invitation-only program that signifies not only the top of the iceberg but also the pinnacle achievement for any goalkeeper who has been with us throughout their formative years.

Welcome to the 1% Club

Where Excellence Meets Opportunity

At PRO GK ACADEMY FL, we are proud to introduce you to the pinnacle of our goalkeeper development program: the prestigious 1% Club. This exclusive program represents the epitome of excellence and achievement, reserved for the most talented goalkeepers who aspire to play at the highest levels of the game.

The 1% Club comprises a select group of elite individuals, including young talents in their senior year of high school, current college goalkeepers, and seasoned professionals utilizing our facilities during their off-season. These goalkeepers have been handpicked based on their exceptional skills, dedication, and potential to excel in the competitive world of soccer.

Opportunities Await

As a member of the 1% Club, goalkeepers gain access to unparalleled opportunities, including connections to colleges, professional academies and scouts, national teams, and even professional playing opportunities. The 1% Club represents not only excellence but also the ultimate objective for every goalkeeper who enters our program.

Joining the 1% Club isn’t just about being part of an elite group—it’s about embracing a journey of excellence and seizing every opportunity to fulfill your potential. At PRO GK ACADEMY FL, we are committed to guiding you every step of the way as you strive to reach the pinnacle of success in your soccer career.

Welcome to the 1% Club, where greatness awaits.

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